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You can now read parts of Amandla’s interview with Lotte Jeffs for ELLE UK’s September Issue here. I have uploaded pictures from the photoshoot to the gallery. There is also a “The Making of ELLE UK” video that you can watch below.

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Amandla was featured in Glamour’s September Issue!

She and Rowan Blanchard shared a selfie to which Amandla wrote “The thing that makes makeup or clothing or fashion beautiful is the fact that the person wearing them loves themselves and loves being able to use them as artistic tools. Find beauty in your core first before you go out into the world and find it in other ways.”

Amandla was then asked to describe herself, to which she said “Amandla Stenberg is a social activist, an artist, and a lover of the 2007 emo scene as well as Trader Joe’s cookies. She believes in finding beauty in your core first before you go out into the world.”

She participated in the American Women Perform 13 Classic Dance Moves in 60 Seconds video where she did the “Cha Cha Slide” starting at 0:33.

To read Amandla’s interview click here and to view all of the images visit the gallery.

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Nylon Español has announced that Amandla will be on one of the covers for their summer issue, available for sale in August. The other cover stars are Megan Fox, Kali Uchis, Zoe Saldana, and Lucky Blue Smith.

nylon cover

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W Magazine recently interviewed Amandla, make sure to read it here! Unfortunately I am currently unable to upload pictures to the gallery right now, but I will put pictures from the photoshoot as son as possible!


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Amandla was recently featured in Interview Magazine’s April 2016 Issue as part of The New Activists and is on the cover along with Emmanuel Olunkwa, Rowan Blanchard, Tyler Ford, Hari Nef, and Ethan James Green. To read Amandla’s interview click here.
Interview Magazine CoverInterview MagazineInterview MagazineInterview MagazineInterview Magazine

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Some new pictures of Amandla have been released from a recent photoshoot for i-D Magazine. There is also an article on her featured in the magazine. Click here to read it.
i-D Magazinei-D Magazine
i-D Magazinei-D Magazinei-D Magazine