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11/20/2016 Posted By Sofia  •  0 Comment(s)  •  Amandla's Work Honeywater

Amandla and Zander Hawley’s band, Honeywater, has released their new song, “Am I Your Man.” Their upcoming EP, Wonder, set for release on November 21, is now available for pre-order.

11/20/2016 Posted By Sofia  •  0 Comment(s)  •  Amandla's Work Niobe: She is Life

Issue 4 of Niobe: She is Life is available now! It is co-written by Amandla and Sebastian A. Jones, layout by Darrell May. and art and cover by Ashley A. Woods. To purchase, click here, and for other versions, click here.

05/19/2016 Posted By Sofia  •  0 Comment(s)  •  Amandla's Work NYU

The soundtrack to Amandla’s short film Blue Girls Burn Fast is now available, make sure to check it out! It includes the theme that she and her friend Maya Tripathi wrote and music from Alpine, Willow Smith, Cherry Glazerr, and more.

05/19/2016 Posted By Sofia  •  0 Comment(s)  •  Amandla's Work Events

Amandla’s SuperSoul Session has been uploaded online, and it’s very powerful and inspiring.

04/13/2016 Posted By Sofia  •  8 Comments  •  Amandla's Work NYU

Amandla has uploaded her NYU application film which she wrote, directed, shot, and edited!
Assistant Director: Bailey Wait
Boom Operator: November Rivera
Starring: Leeza Lester, Julia Rocha, Kelley Smith Wait, Duke Nicholson, Kyleigh Booker
Congratulations to everyone that worked on this, it’s amazing!